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 Recommended for those looking for a simple and easy-to-use notepad!

・Easy Note 文記帳
 Anyway, a simple and easy-to-use notepad app

・Task management app TASKARU
 Task management is quick and easy, rather than spending time on task management!

・A little photo memo
 A simple and easy photo notepad app

・Data rescue application "Let'sQ"
 I wish I could save my data from a terminal that is about to break.

・CSV Browser R
 It is a super lightweight CSV file browsing application that can be used simply and sensibly.

・Handy Notepad
 Very easy! A simple notepad application that can be used intuitively

・Routine Manager Rutina
 It is an application that manages the things you want to do repeatedly.

・Countdown Timer TWIN-TIMERz
 If you use it well, it will be useful for efficient training and study.

 Display device information.

 It is convenient if you have one! Loupe application that does not get in the way.

・Time calculator timeCalc Lite
 It is an application that can in minutes calculation.
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・Time calculator timeCalc Advance
 It is an application that can in seconds calculation.

・Choimemo memolite
 Forgetfulness prevention tool.

 Voice recorder that can be used easily.

・Call Screen Shutter
 During an incoming call, it will hide the registered name of the phone number and phone book.

・mt4Viewer BB
 Views excerpt auto issued account situation from MT4.


・Bowling calculator Bowlcalc lite
 It is an application that calculates the score of bowling.

・BowlScore 10
 It is an application that records the score of bowling.

・Bowling Ball Notebook
 My bowler essential item! My ball recording application

・BowlRecord 300
 An app that records excellent scores in bowling competitions, etc.

 Speed gun app that can be used in all sports scenes


・FreeKick craftsman
 Decide the free kick, please led to victory the team.

・Reversi lite 6*6
 Van slightly smaller the 6 × 6 Reversi.

 Action system is breaking blocks of not good for people who.

 Popular with little child! Yuru-i character of run & jump game.

・Warrior Barkoder
 By using the bar code, you can summon a warrior.

・Brain activation Go Go Numbers
 Happy energetic life with simple rules just to touch numerals in order!


 Chabot is a conversation program that does not have the intelligence.(Japanese language)

Bicycle race, Auto Racing

・KEIRIN Player
 KEIRIN digest dedicated player.

 Replay dedicated player of Auto Racing.

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